Etirage de précision
Profils sur mesure
Laminage de précision
Aciers inoxydables haute qualité



- 3 conventional rolling line in bars
- Finishing, shot blasting, calibration, straightening and careful preparation of the products before shipping
- Heat treatments of high quality without decarburization under controlled atmosphere
- Cutting, punching, shearing
- 1 cold rolling line in bars or coils
- Drawing frames in bars or coils
- Small capacity machining centers


Engineering office

Engineering office

CAD software Solidworks

Quality control

- Hardness testers
- Spectrometers
- Tensile-testing machine
- Heat treatment furnaces (air, oil, water quenching)
- Die penetrant inspection
- Magnetoscopy
- Magnetism
- Thermal camera
- Microscope with image processing
- Dimensional laser measurements
- Profile projectors